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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 24, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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dollars. thousands of today for handed a check today for thousands oo dollars. a shooting survivor.the amazing way this woman survived the colorado shooting and her link to maryland. maryland.owning a gun in maryla. maryland.(woltman) "it's good news foo me...." me...."a judge's decision that could make a big change. change.storms will cool things off but not for temperatures will soar again later in the week in my skywatch forecast. forecast. and he became famous for movin on up. up.i'm the cleaner who taught muhammad ali everything he know. knows.the death of actor sherman hemsley and how he started his long television career. hello, i'm jennifer gilbert jeff barnd is off tonight... the investigation into the movie massacre in aurora colorado is proving to be long and complicated......and tonight...we're learning about the death trap the suspect apparently set for police at his apartment apartment james holmes had warned
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police about the explosives's what they found...the space behind those walls was rigged with more than 30 homemade grenades and 10 gallons of gasoline....all carefully orchestrated to maximize the strength the blast.... had it gone off the theater where 12 people died on friday... remains a crime can see the officers and signs... blocking access to the area todayit's been locked down since the shootings...investigators say they may be able give the theater back to its owners tomorrow....but only if the investigation is complete 58 others were injured in the of them, a young woman who was shot in the head. her recovery is being called nothing short of a miracle.... and is being credited to a birth defect she never knew she had.. had..janice park is streaming live in the newsroom... tell us about a woman who was planning on attending graduate school in maryland in just a few weeks. j? janice?
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jennifer, petra anderson is a talented musician and composer...and that is what she is going to persue at the university of maryland.but what may be most amazing about her incredible recovery.we first learned about petra through this youtube video her sister put out...where she says their family has been shaken, but not broken. broken. petra anderson lived her life through every note she composed.she was just weeks away from persuing her studies at college park..but the woman pho had envisioned so many musical scores, could never foresee what would happen inside an aurora movie theater: theater:" the villan may have intended as his story, but we see heros everywhere we look"anderson was shot four of the bullets would hit her face. during a 5 hour surgery, doctors found her brain
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sustained very little damage thanks to an usual birth defect.the bullet traveled through a tiny channel of fluid all the way through her brain. it missed all the vital areas.the university of the pacific grad is expected to make a full recovery:tonight, anderson sister is asking for support...from not just the college community, but from all over through youtube... youtube..."so that's why we're reaching out to you, the people who have already asked how they can help"because as petra takes her first steps...she will soon be the one holding her mother's her mother battles terminal breast : cancer:"thank you for standing with us and letting this joker know he intended this to be his story, but we're taking it back" this is the family's website. the anderson family's goal is a quarter million can see they are more than halfway there at .... find out how you can
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help just go to our web site that's fox slash . in the newsroom, janice park fox45 news at ten. others were able to escape with the help of friends... allie young and stephanie davies were inside theater 9. ...and you can see the wounds on allie......shot in the neck... twice.she told stephanie to try to escape the murderous rampage... but instead... stephanie stayed... ...putting pressure on allie's carotid artery...helping her to safety... across two parking lots. "we both survived, which is more than i could have asked." asked.""and it's something that we'll grow through together." also today...this is a shot of christian bale...the star of the new batman filmoutside of the hospital in aurora...this was taken right before he went in to meet with victims recovering from the shooting. the memorial to the people killed during the shooting continues to growthese crosses were put up right across from the century-sixteen movie theater.12 of them... for each
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person who died on friday night. just can't help but cry and i feel for the families and i'll say all of my prayers for (covered by a ws of people at the memorial) them and it's just terrible the colorado shooting has causee some to call for tighter gun control laws. but in maryland it will soon be easier for people to get a permit to carry a concealed handgun . a federal judge has lifted a stay on his ruling.. which calls a portion of the gun permit law unconstit. unconstitutional. keith daniels, is live at the maryland state police headquarters where the decision will change the way business is done.. keith. keith. jennifer..... anyone interested in getting a handgun permit application can pick one up at any maryland state police barracks. stop here or the barracks.. and they take your fingerprints..which kicks off the background check needed for a permit. but tonight.. one key element in that background check has been changed.. and supporters
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call it a good move. move. nathan woltman is among those who climb the steps at the continental arms gun range in timonium... for lessons and practice. woltman knows guns... and the law that applies to them. (woltman) "it's good news for me...."........he has a permit to carry a concealed weapon... and supports the latest federal court ruling that makes it easier for people in maryland to carry handguns. (woltman) "i've only been living in maryland here for about a year and it seems most of the firearms violence that i see isn't from people who are card carrying gun owning permit carriers. it's from people that get them through other means." march, a federal judge ruled a portion of maryland's gun permit law unconstitutional.... under the law, residents were required to provide what's called a "good and substantial reason" to carry a handgun. but a baltimore county man, raymond woollard..fought to change that. in woollard's case, he was originally given a permit to carry a concealed weapon back in 2002.. after a man broke
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into his home during a family gathering. but in 2008, maryland state police denied woollard's application..saying he no longer needed it. woollard filed a lawsuit. (woollard) "everyone who has no criminal record who wants to carry a gun for self protection should get one..." .........ultimately, a federal judge ruled in woollard's favor.. saying a resident's right to bear arms is the only reason someone needs to carry a handgun. ((keith)) the law goes into effect in two weeks. meantime, critics, including delegate cheryl glenn, say they would rather see stricter laws pertaining to illegal guns.... .........rather than a less restrictive law for those wanting to legally carry a gun. live in pikesville, keith daniels, fox 45 news at ten. that brings us to our question of the you agree with
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the judge's ruling that makes it easier to get a gun permit in maryland? maryland? this is our facebook page...this question lit up as soon as we posted it...there are about 300 comments right now... and many of you are still posting your opinions...many of you agree with the judge's decision.join the discussion by going to facebook dot com slash fox- baltimore a close call for a woman who fell onto a subway track this happened about 11-30 today at the state center metro station downtown. it's still unclear why the woman fell, buu police say she survived by crawling into a space under the platform. she was hit by the subway as it passed, but not run over. transit authorities say the train was going about 30 miles per hour. "where the train enters the station, comes around a beam, so its kind of a blind corner. the operator reports he did see the woman as he was &ppreparing to enter the station, but she was so near the entrance he didnt have
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time to stop." stop." the woman is recovering at shock trauma tonight... she suffered some cuts and possibly broken bones, but is expected to be ok. the arrrest of a burglary suspect leads to charges in a separate sexual assault.paul gessler tells us how police made the important connection between two criminal cases. cases. towson streets are where baltimore county police arrested ricky bostic.he's suspected in a sexual assault on york road in may. may. "and, this happened in may. and, here, it's almost the end of july, so what was he doing in that interim? i mean, that's scary. he's walking around trying to find another place to get into."the arrest was made last week, in front of bostic's lambeth house apartment complex. at that time.. he was only suspected in two burglaries. burglaries. "i meen, that is..that is scary.."in those two burglaries... women were home at the time... but they weren't assaulted. assaulted. "a woman and her child were sleeping on a bed next to a bedstand where the purse was taken from."neighbors did not suspect bostic could be dangero. dangerous. "well, no one really knew. it was kinda private. one
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neighbor would ask another neighbor, 'did you know what was going on?' " d-n-a matched bostic to the sexual as. assault. "it's extremely important to get someone like this off the streets. we have three separate crimes. people were home at the time he committed these offenses."no one was home at bostic's first floor apartment when we knocked.he's currently behind held at baltimore county detention center without towson, paul gessler, fox45 news at ten. that sexual assault was on york road in towson exactly two months ago today. we want to know how áyouá are fighting back. against crime? tell us... what you're doing in your community... to clean up the streets..../call 410-662--456. the man killed in a shooting in west baltimore...was a talented high school basketball player.. player..we arrived at the scene on mckean avenue last night...while police were still looking for clues.23- year-old brandon spruill killed during a robbery...shot in the back of the head after being ordered to his knees. spruill was a former player at
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walbrook high school and saint francis academy. 3 one year later.....police are still trying to solve a murder that left three people d. dead..... karen parks is live at police headquarters with what's being done to try to crack the case. case. although police were handing out flyers today.....hoping to get one step closer to finding a killer.... tonight family members was police who ropped the ball.... ball.... //vo// july 26th police were called to a house along nicholas avenue at 4:30 in the morning for a report of gunshots.... investigators say when they when they arrived nothing appeared to be out of they left... an hour an a half later the home went up in flames that's when three bodies were found inside....the homeowner.....his 36 year old daughter...and her boyfriend....the three were all shot in the head.....two were pronounced dead at the scene.....the daughter died at the hospital.... family members say......if police had done a better investigation when they arrived the first time by knocking on doors or
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even questioning neighbors....a year later.....this case could be cl. closed.... 3 (50:00)the police dept plays a real big part in this the police dept is bery sloppy and they need to get on their job and do what they are suppose to do... do...(5:32)our officers responded....showed up they found that the house had been secured no broken windows everything looked normal the officers left... there are no suspects and no motive.....if you have any information about this case you are asked to call baltimore city police immediately... fox45 has teamed up with the most popular crime mapping website on the internet "spotcrime" tracks criminal activity in your neighborhood. you can also get emails when crime happens.sign up by going to our website... fox- baltimore dot com...and click on "spotcrime" in the "hot topics" section at the top of the screen 3 the long off-season is now
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over, ravens camp is officially open... sports director bruce cunningham joins us now with that tory... story... 3 after a heartbreaking loss in the afc championship game, ravens fans have had to wait six long months for tteir team to be back in action, but that wait is now is the veterans aren't required to be out on the field until thursday, which will of course be the first full squad workout..for now, it's kind of an easing in process before things really start popping later this week...éhead coach john harbaugh is taking a measured approach... our morgan adsit spent the day in owings mills...look for her report coming up at 11:30 on sports unlimited.... 3 they're taking picturesthey're
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taking pictures picturesyour record what police are doing on the street...why some officers may not follow the new our cover just 15 minutes also ahead...a man... running around... with his head on fire...the thing that happened just before this... that shocked police (gross) "there's months that go by that we have to make a decision whether to pay a bill or get food." food." a higher minimum wage could help solve that problem...the complications... that could freeze businesses... after the break
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could you live on "7.25" an hour?that's the minimum wage. but as john rydell reports... there's a move here in baltimore and across the country to get that rate increa.
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3 3 (gross) "when the economy started tankingg...lost my position."it's been three years since bruce gross lost his job.he's since been working as atelemarketer.but he's only making minimum wage...that's 7.25 an hour. it's barely enough to feed his wife, three children and two nephews. (gross) "there's months that go by that we have to make a decision whether to pay a bill or get food." (gross) "there was times that we went a week and a half without baltimore, gas and electric because we had to get food in he house for the children."so gross has joined mayor stephanie rawlings-blake...and union callingon increasethe federal minimum nearly ten the end of 20-14. (mayor) "and you hear the detractors say well it'll shut down the economy, no. when you raise the minimum wage, that's just more money into the economy." (rydell) "but some retailers say increasing the minimum wage will have a longterm financial impact on their
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businesses well beyond just raising the pay for entry-level workers."(santoni) "those come in the form of higher employment taxes which are all predicated on gross payroll."and when the minimum wage goes up...retailers must then increase wages for most other employees. "so it would be an increase across the board payrollwise."but for bruce's a matter of survival. (gross) "i mean i want my dignity back personally, the struggle i'm in its every month and i want it to end."in baltimore, john rydell, fox at ten. democrats on capitol hill are pushing for a vote on the minimum wage bill next month in the house. 3 million more people will remain without heallh insurance... after the supreme court's ruling on the president's health care law. law.according to the congressional budget office... the decision does not force states to expand medicaid to cover the poor......and some of them may not.the increase in uninsured people will also reduce the cost of thh program
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by 84-billion dollars. holtz-eakin says: "so while they put out a number that showed 84 billion dollars in savings, that's not a big number. 8 billion a year in a very large trillion dollar program. and there's a lot of uncertainty around it and they say so." so."the c-b-o also said that árepealingá the health care law would actually add 109 billion dollars to the deficit over a ddcade.a separate sttdy shows employers eepect their costs to go up because of the health care law......9-percent of the companies surveyed plan to drop health coverage because of that...another 0- percent aren't sure what they will do the affordable care act promises to provide millions of citizens with a path to health insurance. bbt as eric alvarez from our sister station in nashville, explains, some say the plan leaves one key demographic out of the loop. loop. ((pkg script))nat pop - clicks...32-year-old richard boll knows the risk of not having health insurance. 20:12:51 - 20:13:01i've had a bunch of hospital stays when i didn't have health insurance
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and it kind of put me in a huge amount of debt that iive had to work myself out of.but says ii's still an expense he can't afford.20:12:32 - &p20:12:41only because the places i've worked just don't provide it and it seems to try to do it on your own is very, very expensiveand experts say, that's not likely to change when the much-debated affordable care act goes into effect in two years...dr. john gravesassistant professor at vanderbilt school of medicine 20:00:51 - 20:00:59if you went out on the insurance market and tried to buy a plan just for yourself, in 2014 it's estimated that plan will cost about five thousand dollars. and faced with buying a policy or paying a fine of around one percent of his annual salary, boll says, it's an easy decision...20:20:23 - 20:20:26 probable the fine because... 20:19:11 - 20:19:18five thousand dollars a year, that's just not going to happen. at least not for me and for a lot of people i know. 02:08:34 - 02:08:41eric alvarez says: experts say he's just one of millions all over the country that makes too much for free care and but not enough to afford his own. 19:56:05 - 19:56:13about 17 percent of the population under 65 or about 50 million people donnt have health insurancedr. john graves says one in three 25 to 30 year
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olds is uninsured.19:57:58 - 19958:03maybe they're working for lower wages and can't afford heelth insurance, they could bb working as a contractor,19:58:09 - 19:58:12 maybe their employer doesn't offer health insurance at all but what about the protections of the affordable care act? 20:16:52it doesnt really do anything for has a provision where those under 27 can be covered by their parents plan...but he's too old.he also makes more than the 15 thousand dollars a year cap where individuals can qualify for medicaid...and that's why he's got no choice but to take his chances and stay uninsured...20:21:50and what's going to happen if i don't pay the fine? i mean are they going to come arrest me? put me in jail? then at least i would have health insurance...eric alvarez, fox 17 news. see all of the stories about health care reform on our dot on health care reform in the hot topics section at the top of the screen 3 3 3 3
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3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 turning trash inno cash. the way one maryland county is making that happen. 1:52:37 (bealefeld) i will say this in defense of my cops is
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that you can't allow people to interfer with you doing your job and citizens recording police. why implimenting a new policy isn't so simple.
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police pushing the public around when it comes to
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recording officers on the job. as crime and justice reporter joy lepola shows us... in our cover story.... some officers are still threatening people even though the department of justice says that's against the law! ((pkg))15:40:15 i'm doing roll call here it's not for public eye.... fox 45 recorded this baltimore city commander just five days ago. listen closely .... to what is said to our photographer.15:40:15 i'm doing roll call here it's not for public eye... an order... given infront of dozens of officers under his command. but look behind this group officer... you can clearly see members of the general public walking right behind the group just inches away. it's this mentality among baltimore's men and women in blue... that's outraged the aclu. 1:04:41 police officers have tremendous power. they can kill us they can arrest us they can do things no other public official can do and with that power comes tremendous responsibity. david rocah is with the american civil liberities
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union of maryland. the group respresents an owings mills man who isssuing baltimore police over the seizure of a cell phone. he used it to record officers making an arrest at preakness in 2010. (6-30-10) sot from video they're taking pictures they're taking pictures. (6-30-10) sound of police on cellphone video saying it's illegal to videotape anybody's audio or video. for years... law enforcement officials have maintained that recording police officers violates maryland's wiretape law that requires two party consent.6-30-10 anthony sound if you are recording a video device that includes audio you are breaking the state law... a statute companies get around with a simple message...old sot from 6-30-10 nat sound of phone call in may of this sound of phone callold sot from 6-30-10 nat simple message...around with a simple message...old sot from 6-30-10 nat sound of phone call in may of this year... the department of justice weighed in when it sent an 11 page letter to the baltimore police department.... supporting the first amendement right of
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individuals to record police officers. in it.... the police department was told it's general order didn't go far enough. during a ride along, i asked police commissioner fred bealefeld about it. and he responded quite candidly.1:52:37 (bealefeld) i will say this in defense of my cops is that you can't allow people to interfer with you doing your job either and some of this stuff has taken on the notion of sport in trying to goat my cops into doing things or not and somebody ought to be talking about that to.butt bite/cover with video1:53:27 somebody needs to tell these morons to knock that stuff off too.rocah 1:04:28 this isn't confusion or misunderstanding but a simple unwillingness to follow he rules and that's extremely dangerous in a police officer. we asked delegate michael
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smigel his opinion on the matter.besides a state lawmaker smigel is also a lawyer.old sound it's whether or not you have a reasonable expectation of privacy. belealefeld 1:53:48 clearly people do have the right to videotape police. they just don't have the right to interfer with police doing their jobs and that's a balance. while officers have supposedly gone through more training... in what's legally allowed under the first amendent.... it would appear as if some are still struggling to apply what they've learned. joy lepola fox 45 news at ten. 3 just today, the a-c-l-u of maryland contacted law enforcment agencies across maryland and urged thhm to establish clear policies on the public's right to record police officers. 3 stuffed in a trunk.the mystery woman in the police are trying to track down the people involved.and the one bizarre possibility they're considering.... (solomon) "while i was incarcerated god came into my l" life.."
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turning his life around.the local foundation that's giving him a helping hand.aad the surprising decisionmakers.... that determine where the money goes. we knew him best as george
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10:34 pm sherman hemsley, died today at the age of 74. hemsley was famous for playing archie bunker's neighbor in the "all in the family".... before movin' n up.... to the spin-off "the jeffersons"....which ran from 1975 to 1985.hemsley never married, and has no children. he was living in el paso, texas. caught on tape...a man appears to put a woman in the trunk of the parking lot of a syracuse, new york grocery store last night. a dark-colored sedan came into the lot...and then to an abrupt stop. the driver is then seen removing what appears to be a woman from the rear seat...and then into the trunk of the car. he then gets back in phe car and drives off. the woman appeared to be
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unconscious.police haven't ruled out the possibility it may be some type of prank... but are concerned about the woman's well-being. a tragic scene in texas yesterday....checkkout the wreckage of a 17-vehicle pileup on interstate 20 -- including five tractor-traiiers.bad weather may have caused the crash, which killed two people. a dust-storm triggered a thunder-storm in the area, making it hard for drivers to see. two other people were critically injured. more charges are expected in the case of a former lab technician accused of infecting 30 patients with hepatitis c. c.david kwiatkowski has worked at hospitals in at least 8 states... includinn johns hopkins.he appeared in court today... in new hampshire, where he's accused of stealing drugs from exeter hospital... injecting himself and contaminating syringes that were later used on patients. today, kwiatkowski agreed there's enough evidence to keep him incarcerated while the case goes to a grand jury.
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prosecutors say more charges are likely, possibly one for each infected patient. checks for ten thousand dollars were being handed out in downtown baltimore today.... kathleen cairns witnessed the event... and has more on áwhoá was giving that money away.... áandá who was receiving it. 3 (nats classroom)"we are redefining that now" at 'strive baltimore', dozens of lives are changed, as people learn skills that will help them turn their lives around. (nats classroom)"find out who your district rep is" solomon williams is a program graduate nnw working in sales... but today he's shares with us, the dark side of his past. (solomon williams)"i was 12 years old..if i could point it out.. 12 and we robbed a 3 delivery man a pizza man" this was his first mug shot.. and just the beginning of his troubles... (wide from door)"drugs and all types of violence." he involved with a gang... guns... and his most serious charge...
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attempted murder. (showing photos)"something is wrong with that picture..thats not me i was lost there" but spirituality changed his heart... (solomon) "while i was incarcerated god came into my life.." and then the skills he learned here... put him back on the right track. (solomon)"strive has helped me find my true identity as a winner"(nats clapping event) today organizers of 'strive baltimore' are one of 16 non profit groups being honored at the hotel monoco, where the weinberg foundation handed out 10-thousand dollar checks. foundation)"and thats what we end up doing is trying to give grants to the organ that really helping people in the most effective way"the money will be used to enhance and expand services. in dt balt kc fox 45 news at 10 the weinberg foundation has given away more than three- quarters of a million dollars since it began the 'employee giving' program six years ago....
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in just a few days, olympic swimmer michael phelps will compete in the london games... with his biggest supporter by his side. side. as phelps gets set for seven events, his mom and sister had high tea at the four seasons today, a british sendoff before they join him overseas. even though her son has already earned 16 olympic medals, deborah phelps says she still gets excited for each event. "its when you're sitting in those stands and you look to your right and to your left, and the world's around you and they're all at peace and they're all rooting for athletes from their country." country."so, go usa, great team. thank you baltimore for all you do and we're gonna come home and hopefully it'll be history in the making again. again. phelps will swim his first event on saturday.... if he earns just three medals, he'll become thh most decorated olympiin ever. 3
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3 3
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turning trash - into cash. a multimillion dollar project in anne arundel county is creating electricity at the local landfill. trash decomposes... it creates methane gas. until now - that gas was contained and burned off. but now - thanks to a grant from the department of energy... the gas will be converted into electricity.... by using special generators. the county will make some money by selling the harnessed energy to the regional power grid. they expect to create about 3- point-2 megawatts of electricity per hour at the millersville landfill. 3 the best wines for your break your budgetin just 10 minutes on fox45 news at ten texting trouble.the shocking number of texts teenagers are sending.and the suprising
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diagnosis from doctors for those sore thumbs. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the new santa fe steak melts. get extra grande flavor with the santa fe steak & bacon melt or add egg for a santa fe steak, bacon & egg melt, perfect for breakfast or any time of day. subway. eat fresh. republican presidential
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candidate mitt romney slammed president obama's administration for alleged intelligence leaks of classified information that cast the president in a positive light.romney is pointing the finger at the president for leaking classified details of the osama bin laden raid. romney says: "these events make the decision we face in november all the more important. what kind of white house would reveal classified material for political gain? i'll tell you right now: mine w" won't."the obama campaign called romney's remarks cheap attacks that lack credibility. it seems president barack obama may be taking campaign money......from people connected to the solyndra loan . scandal.solyndra took more than half a billion dollars of your money......before going bankrupt.the president was at a fundraiser monday night... ...also attended by steve westly...a member of obama's energy board... and matt rogers...a former advisor at the energy department who helped approve the cost nearly 36-thousand dollars a person.... to
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attend the fundraiser. see all of our stories about the race for the white house. they are on our website.go to fox-baltimore dot com and click on "vote 2012" in the hot topics section at the top of the screenall of the stories on our website are free 3 how much do áyouá text?is it making your hand hurt? hurt?statistics show teenage girls between 13 and 17 send and receive an average of four- thousand 50- texts per month.for teenage boys... it's over 25- hundred...and young adults... exchange about 16- hundred texts a month. still.. some doctors insist carpel tunnel is not caused by texting. 129-134"texting too much can cause a lot of problems, but that is not a cause of carpal t" tunnel."141-151"it's often confused with carpal tunnel because people have pain in their hands from overuse of texting, veruse of computers, whatever they use, a
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blackberry or an iphone. iphone.the bottom line is this... if you are doing a lot of texting... which everyone seems to be doing... you might want to give your thumbs a break. 3 next time you post something on youtube, be prepared to take credit for tonight's word on the web, carrie peirce explains how the site is cleaning up the comments section. section. 3 3 in an effort to curb innapropriate content.... youtube is pushing notorious commenters to name themselves. themselvess try to comment on a video today and a window will pop up urging you to use your full name.... say yes... and it will sign you in with the name attached to your google+ account.say no.... and a second pop up appears... asking you to explain why you dont want to be identified.. you can choose from a list of reasons... for example, you can say your user name is a business or offers to help you review your youtube content before your real name is displayed..... it also makes clear that you can at any time.
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time. we'll have to wait and see whether users switch to their real names..... but the move is a step toward cleaning up the site... making it more attractive to business owners and carrie peirce and thats your word on 3 which wine is best for your backyard barbeque?you don't need to be a wine expert. consumers repprts does the taste testing for you.coming up. bth - friends of angelo we've obtained a report that provides more details on events leading up to the mortgage you recall, congress pressured banks to make loans to borrowers with bad credit. so banks created mortgage products that carried high risk. they then packaged these into various financial instruments that were sold to other banks and investors. the collapse offthe housing market had a domino effect on the banks.starting in the 1990s, countrywide financial corporation began giving dozens of sweetheart mortgages to members of congress, former
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cabinet officers, key policymakers, and fannie mae officials. the intention was to keep current government policies in place. countrywide ceo angelo mozilo often personally ordered the loans in a program known as "friends of angelo" or foa.among those receiving foa loans were former clinton cabinet secrrtaries henry cisneros, alphonso jackson and donna shalala. senate committee chairmen chris dodd and kent mae also got sweetheart deals. the senate ethics committee has cleared senators of wrongdoing. and no one at countrywide has been criminally charged.a 2009 house investigation conducted under then-chairman edolphus towns omitted the names of government officials - and details of his own foa loan.a copy of the new report -- including names -- is on our website.for more on this story visit behind the headlines dot net and follow us on twitter and facebook.i'm mark hyman.
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[ male announcer ] millions of dollars for new schools and teachers... thousands of new good paying jobs... all without raising taxes. that's what a world-class resort casino at national harbor would mean for maryland. but it won't be built unless lawmakers give us the right to vote on it this november. call 1-800-492-7122 and tell your delegate and state senator to vote "yes" on national harbor...
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one of the biggest new job projects in the country.
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to vote "yes" on national harbor... as you saw during the news at 10, the long off-season wait is now over...the ravens have officially opened training camp 2012.. 2012.. they're not all out there just yet...the first full squad workout will be thursday...for now, it's quarterbacks, veterans coming off injuries and of course, rookies... veteran center matt birk is out there...he's coming off vericose vein surgery on his leg, and is almost oild enough to be some of these guys' father...and that makes his role a kind of unique one... 3
10:54 pm
across town, the orioles opened up a 6 game homestand with the first of three against divisional rival tampa bay...wei yen chen got the start for the birds, and here's one of the few mistakes he made all of the 5th, and brooks conrad jerks this one out of the yard...a 2 run shot that erased a 1-0 defecit, and the rays go on to win it 3-1... we'll have more from camden yards....and our morgan adsit spent the afternoon in owings mills...her report oin the sports 11:30 on 3 looking for a perfect wine for a summer party? as tom rodgers explains... consumer reports just tested two summer favorite. favorites. 3 ((tom on cam))as it turns out... you've got lots of good choices for summer sipping. (sot: fernando olivira)"how are you?"(v/o)at this restaurant... maitre d'
10:55 pm
fernando olivira sees people's choices change when hotter months roll around.(sot: fernando olivira)"in the summertime they definitely prefer a white wine. it's just much more lighter, crisper, cleaner."(v/o)whether you're choosing a wine at a restaurant or at home, you want to be sure you'll enjoy it.consumer reports tested dozens of white wines - 22 pinot grigios and 16 rieslings. (v/o)wine experts look for a wine's distinct qualities when tasting.(sot)"pinot grigio is a fairly simple varietal. it's generally dry, and it's generally leaner and lighter than many other white wines." (v/o)pinot grigio is good with light pasta dishes or grilled fish. rieslings can vary a lot. (sot: paul reynolds)"drier rieslings are quite versatile and go well with everything from pork, veal, and scallops to milder cheeses."(v/o)and a sweeter riesling can be a good dessert wine.when consumer reports' tests were done, there were plenty of very good, inexpensive wines to choose from.for riesling, the 2010 hogue late harvest topped the ratings. it costs ten
10:56 pm
dollars a bottle.(v/o)for a pinot grigio, try the 2010 black swan vineyards. it rated very good, and it costs a "light" eight dollars a bottle. ((tom on cam))another pinot grigio consumer reports rated very good is even less expensive. it's the pinot grigio wine cube 2010 from target. yep, it comes in a box. the cost - 18 dollars for the equivalent of four regular bottles. but be aware, if you're shopping for it, it's not available at every target, so check before you go.tom rodgers, fox45 news at ten. 3 a man with his head on fire.... as witnesses watch in horror.... what happened moments earlier, that shocked police.... and the reason they dont feel sorry for the victim. ...and coming up in just 5 minutes on the late edition... edition... a baby rushed to the hospital after ingesting it happened and who's getting the blame. and a car heads right into a river.who was behind the wheel and the surprising thing that
10:57 pm
person is saying now.. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway:
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weekend in critical condition after letting his friends set his face on fire. take a look at this surveillance video from a bar in


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